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Can You Die from Using Marijuana? Deaths from marijuana can occur due to driving under the influence and traumas related to risky behavior. These are more likely outcomes than death due to intoxication or overdosing on the substance itself. While marijuana does have negative health consequences, the use of marijuana or cannabis alone is unlikely...
The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus in the United States has been a disaster for most businesses. Thousands have closed their doors permanently and smaller businesses are still struggling to stay afloat, with 44% of them having only three months left in their cash reserves. To cope with the crisis, the Small Business Administration (SBA)...
Being charged with an identity theft case can have severe consequences, including having a criminal record, paying a fine, and receiving possible jail time. If you’re under investigation for identity theft or have been charged with an identity theft case in southern California, you need to hire a Los Angeles identity theft defense attorney. Identity...

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    During your free initial consultation, your attorney will discuss the facts of your case, getting a clear overview of your situation. Your attorney will then explain the process, letting you know what will be expected of you and the support and services they will offer.

    Your attorney will then guide you on how to proceed and begin collecting potential witness details to support your case and evidence for preservation, proper representation, and preparation. Finally, we will explain our fees, take you through our retainer form, and answer any queries you have.

    To give Mariya a clear view of your case, you must provide them with as many details and as much evidence about your case as possible. This may include documentation, videos, audio files, witness names, time logs on any information related to the case for review. The more details and evidence you can provide, the better case your attorney can build right from the start.

    Some clients are concerned about revealing too much to a lawyer in an initial consultation, but your meetings with an attorney are confidential and protected by client/attorney privilege.

    After your initial consultation, we’ll be able to determine a retainer fee and discuss payment options. In most cases, the retainer feee payments are divided into two parts; the first is typically payable upfront.

    There are various options for paying your retainer fee, including cash, check, or card.

    There is no one-size-fits-all cost for an attorney to defend your criminal case. The fee depends on the charges against you and the details of your specific case. As a rule, open misdemeanor cases tend to be charged at a lower fee than open felony cases. Post-conviction legal services, such as expungement of criminal records, are usually even less expensive.

    The final fee depends on the complexity of your case. During your consultation, the attorney will discuss the fees with you. The more details you can give about your case, the more accurate expectations your attorney can set. Contact Mariya today for a no-obligation case review.